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Assalamualaikum para pembaca, sy nak kongsi artikel yg disiarkan oleh News Strait Times tentang hobi sy  menyimpan Silver.

My silver coins mint me money

AS a teacher, my students often ask me questions when outside the classroom.

Collecting silver coins
Collecting silver coins has been referred to as the ‘hobby of kings’.
 The questions are general, such as what my favourite colour, actor, singer, drink or  food is, and about my hobby.

 When I tell them that I collect silver coins, most of them are astonished. I get the same response when I tell  people that I am a silver coin collector.

  Another common reaction is people wondering why I don't stash gold instead.

 There are many coin collectors around the world, and amazingly, silver coin collectors existed before people started using coins.

   Many might not be aware that there are several silver coin collectors around,  including in Johor.

Silver alloys and coins are believed to have been around before 600 BC.

 Collecting silver (alloy bars, silverware and coins)  could be among one of the oldest hobbies.

It is believed to have started with collectible items in the 14th century, and is often referred to as the "hobby of kings".

 By collecting coins,  you can learn how the designs of coins have progressed throughout history.

    I also enjoy financial benefits as a collector as silver appreciates over time.

 I started collecting silver coins in 2005.

I stumbled upon an article about the depreciation of bank notes and started panicking, thinking of the worst-case scenario.

The article went on to explain that the best way to protect one's investment was through a type of metal, the value of which would increase over the years.

  To invest in platinum or gold was beyond my means. I then started reading up on silver and became fascinated with the various designs available.

Apart from buying silver coins for investment, I also enjoy it an interesting hobby.

  To date, I have collected more than a hundred silver coins. The price of silver increased by 70 per cent in 2010. What started as a hobby has now turned into a business. I now collect, buy and sell coins.

   Silver coins  also make popular gifts, especially the proof and mint sets.

Mint sets refer to coins that are never circulated. Coin collectors  call them un-circulated coins.

 Such coins look brand new, unlike those that are used as money.

   The way a coin is handled and stored will affect its looks. Even if the coin looks slightly worn, it will lose its un-circulated grade.

 A proof coin refers to a coin that is also un-circulated, but has a mirror-like finish.

Coins are produced when two dies strike a blank piece of metal with tremendous force.

One die is engraved with the front (obverse) design for the coin, while the other has the back (reverse) design on it.

A proof coin is made with a specially polished and treated die.

 Silver proof coins also make wonderful gifts, which are not only beautiful but appreciate in value.

Since I started collecting coins, I have made many new friends.

There is a forum for coin collectors to share information and swap coins to get a full set.

 Some of the favourite sets are the Australian Koala silver coins, and the Australian Kookaburra silver coins.

Most coins come in mint condition and weigh 31g. Depending on its condition and series  (which depends on its age), the coin can fetch more than 500 times its original worth.

Those who would like to pick up the hobby  can visit to get a better picture.

Azrul Syahrizan Abdul Rahman, 30, is from Pontian, Johor. Besides collecting silver coins as a hobby, he is also an authorised silver trader.

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